14 other use of Cola Drink

 1)Coca-Cola as a toilet cleaner to clean the toilet with the help of Coke, you just need to pour it into the toilet and wait. Chemicals corrode everything except ceramic. An hour later, just once Walk a brush, wash off and you're done!

2)Cola as a spotter Why buy expensive paint thinners, if there is a stake.

3)Just add a little bit of cola in the wash, and the clothes will be spotlessly clean. Moreover, thanks to the phosphoric acid and carbon dioxide chemicals included in the beverage have a deodorizing effect.

4)Kola - cleaner for glass Due contained therein citric acid soda may be used for cleaning glasses. Windows and other glass surfaces will shine with cleanliness. From today, I will not be easy to order in a restaurant cleaner glass with ice cubes.

5)cola as a means of insect control Just like us, insects like this sweet pop. But unlike us, they should try it as soon as they die immediately. For example, if you pour cola anthill, you can kill the entire ant family.

6) Coca-Cola Hair Hairdresser hair dyed the wrong color? Not a problem - Cola will make your hair lighter, the result depends on the amount of fluid. So you can save not only money at the barber shop, but also a lot of time.

7)Coca-Cola - solvent Chewing gum in your hair? Do not worry, it will dissolve easily stake. Just fields cola hair and daring cud.

8) painkillers If bitten or stung by a wasp jellyfish, the chemicals contained in the stake, to help just a few minutes to cope with the pain.

9)Dishwashing liquid food remains in the pan and pans are best removed using a cola . The result is the same as using the cola to clean toilets - chemicals corrode everything. remedy against rust With Coca-Cola can easily remove rust from all surfaces.

10) Pesticide India Cola successfully used as a pesticide - it is much more efficient and cheaper than the use of industrial chemicals.

 11)Deicing means winter Cola will help in no time to get rid of the ice on the car glass. You just need to pour her windshield.
 Fertilizer Cola may be useful in the garden. Just every week add it to the compost. This will lead to microbial growth, the activity of which is very important for improving soil fertility.

12) Styling With stale cola can do curls: Wet hair, leave for a few minutes, then rinse with water, so that the hair does not look tacky. means skincare Just add cola moisturizer - the skin becomes soft and radiant.

13)cleaner for furniture If children painted furniture, just soak a cloth in the stake and wipe the surface. Then be sure to rinse with soapy water to the furniture was not sticky. Stain Remover from oil oil which always causes a lot of problems. If this happens, you just need to wipe the oil stain with a sponge dipped in the stake, on whatever surface it was not - on a table or on the kitchen floor, and the stain will disappear. Stain Remover blood With Cola is the perfect place to bring the blood stains are not only on the clothes, but also at the scene. It is used by even the police to bring order where the murder took place.

14)Coca-Cola is the art If you like vintage, you can experiment as follows: Moisten the photo cola and quickly wipe. Brown "wear" picture. 's amazing how much you can do with Coke. Instead of buying a whole bunch of tools for cleaning, you can simply use this fizzy drink. Only now perfectly clear drink is not worth it. Share these unusual features of cola. They open the eyes of many.