How to :converting a torrent link to normal download link.

converting a torrent link to normal download link

Downloads your torrents without any software and stores it in a cloud. Get converted link from torrent files, magnet links or even torrent page URL. After that you’ll be able to download the torrents anonymously using encrypted channel; or you can watch or listen to your torrents from your private page.        

1.No need for any torrent-clients

2.Encrypted channel.which means no privacy issues.

3.Works on any device

4.Download on the go Video and music with streaming support

Step 1
All you need is to pick a torrent file or copy its magnet link or even paste torrent page URL. After that Boxopus will show you torrent files and begin downloading.

Step 2
The line indicating available traffic will be reduced to the size of downloaded torrent; but don’t worry, it is augmented each hour.

Step 3
After your torrent is downloaded, Boxopus sends you a notice. If you like to have this torrent on your computer you can download the whole torrent or a needed file from Boxopus; it stores your torrent for limited period of time. However, you are able to watch video and listen to music online using any device. 

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