YouTube WatchMe Live streaming App for Android

Google has launched the YouTube WatchMe for Android project allow Android developers to integrate live streaming within their apps.project practically brings the same live broadcasting capabilities.YouTube’s Android-based broadcasting app uses four different APIs, including YouTube Data API v3, YouTube Live Streaming API, Google Play Services, and Plus API.The app on GitHub is still in an experimental phase, but YouTube says the technology is similar to pre-existing apps like Xperia’s “Live on YouTube” and HTC’s “Re.”

How to start using the app
  1. Sync the Github repo
    1. Enable the Youtube Data API v3 and Google+ API.
    2. Create a client ID for Android, using your SHA1 and package name.
  2. Include cross-platform compiled streaming libraries.
  • under src/main/jniLibs/armeabi,
  • another streaming library with modifying VideoStreamingInterface