20+ Amazing fact about brain

1. New neural connections in the brain are generated every time you do something memorable. 2.Upon awakening, the brain produces energy, which would be enough for a small light bulb.
3. The lack of oxygen in the brain, for 5 minutes resulting in irreparable damage.
4. Your brain continues to develop up to 50 years.
 5. Alcohol does not affect the forgetfulness - just when people get drunk as hell, the brain loses its ability to store temporarily.
 6. In humans, more nerve cells at birth than in the rest of their lives.
7. Can not work only the left or only the right hemisphere of the brain. This is a myth. They always work together.
 8. Sfenopalativnaya ganglionevralgiya - it is a scientific term for "Brain Freeze".
9. The human brain has the same consistency as tofu.
10. Scientific evidence shows that even a weak sense of power changes the brain of man and reduces his ability to empathize.
11. Cruelty in the family also acts on the brain child, as well as the war in the brain of a soldier.
 12. The smell of chocolate activates the production of theta rhythm that causes relaxation.
13. The pathologist who carried out the autopsy on Albert Einstein stole his brain and stored in formalin solution for about 20 years.
14. Confidence can be accessed without the need for a rational explanation, but simply stimulating a certain part of the brain.
15. Long talks on mobile phone greatly increases the risk of brain tumors.
16. The brain child can use up to 50% of the glucose in the body, which explains why deyam need so much sleep.
 17. The brain uses 20% of the total amount of oxygen in blood and body.
18. When you learn something new, the structure of the brain changes.
19. In connection with the opening of the set of brain parasites, scientists no longer deny the possibility of "zombie apocalypse".
20. Lack of sleep significantly affects the brain, leading to a deterioration judgment and slow reaction.
21. Half of the brain can be removed surgically without apparent effect on personality or memory.
 22. According to scientists, the brain perceives rejection as physical pain.
23. Brain needs only 6 minutes to respond to alcohol.
 24. In 2015, the fourth most powerful supercomputer took 40 minutes to simulate a second activity of the human brain.
25. According to the American inventor Raymond Kurzweil, in 2023 personal computers reached the computing power of the human brain.
 26. The human brain contains 100 billion neurons and glial cells trillion.
27. Half of our genes describes a complex structure of the brain, while the other half describes the organization of the remaining 95% of the body.
 28. Scientists believe that the diet can cause the brain to be "is" himself.
29. During orgasm brain dopamine produces much that during its scanning results will be the same as a heroin addict.
30. Music affects the production of dopamine as well as delicious food or sex.
31. Taste buds in humans are not only in the mouth, but also in the stomach, intestines, pancreas, lungs, anus, testicles and brain.
32. 60% of the human brain - the fat.
33. Forgetting - it's good for the brain: the removal of unnecessary information helps the nervous system to maintain its flexibility.