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Get back your lost password for iPhone

unlock your phone in a simple way and return everything back to normal

  1. Ensure that your data has been backed up iTunes. If you’re using iCloud then you should switch off your computer for now just to keep the data safe.
  2. Put you iPhone into the DFU mode and to do this you have to reboot your phone. Hold the power button and home button simultaneously around 10 seconds. When the apple logo appears across your screen then let go of the power button but continue to press the home button. Soon an image of an USB cable will appear, iTunes icon and a message will say connect to iTunes.
  3. Connect your iPhone to the computer with an iTunes back open it and a message will appear on the screen that will read that an iPhone has been detected in recovery mode and will be restored. Then you have to click on the restore button and wait for iTunes to download and install IOS on your phone
  4. You can sync your iPhone with iTunes to restore all your data and you will have it back to normal with no pass code.

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