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Other use of mouthwash that you didn't know

1.)Take 1:1 ratio mouthwash and Vinegar, apply it to the affected area with a cotton pad, do it twice or thrice daily until fungus vanishes.  No need to buy antifungal creams.

2.)Take little mouthwash, apply it to the affected area with a cotton pad, do it twice or thrice daily, continue until the bruise fads away.   No need to buy painkillers.

3) Deodorant

No deodorant at home, need to buy one.  As an emergency, you can pat some mouthwash to your underarms with a tissue, but avoid applying it to freshly shaven armpits, it irritates the skin.

4) Feet
Mixing mouthwash to a bowl of water and soaking your foot in it gives a soothing and refreshing feeling. It not only energizes your tired legs but also kills bacteria which are harmful.  No need to buy massager machine.

5) Garlic
You know that garlic odor is unpleasant and while in public, it affects your self-confidence.  Get rid of it, rinse your mouth with mouthwash and also rub some onto your hands, it removes garlic odor from your mouth as well as your hands.   No need to buy mouth freshener sprays.

6) Toothbrush
Mouthwash can be used as a disinfectant.    Dip your toothbrush in a small cup containing mouthwash and leave it for at least 40 minutes.  Rinse it with clean water before use.  No need to buy toothbrush sanitizer.

7) Piercing
The risk for infection is very high with piercing, especially if it is the mouth or belly.  To prevent infection disinfect the pierced area by applying mouthwash with a cotton pad.  No need to buy disinfectant creams.

8) Skin
Mouthwash can be used for deep cleansing your skin.  Apply mouthwash mixed in little water to the face, it helps remove dirt, oil residues, and also tightens the facial skin.  No need to buy cleansing soaps or creams.

9) Toilet
Pour little mouthwash into the toilet bowl and allow it to stay overnight.  Next day, clean the toilet bowl using a toilet brush and flush it thoroughly.  You are left with a bacteria-free and safe for use toilet.

10) Hand-Sanitizer
Alcohol-based sugar-free mouthwash kills germs. Rub your palms with mouthwash, no need to buy a hand-sanitizer.

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