Top parental content lock for smartphones

1.MMGuardian(Android phone or tablet, iPhone or iPad)

Control Application Install and Use

Encourage your child to take a break from their device by pre-setting times when all downloaded applications will be disabled. Or remotely send a command to temporarily disable them. Also, optionally disable the App Store to prevent new app installs, or set age-based restrictions on apps, videos and music downloadable from the iTunes store.
Block Websites containing Porn, Adult or other inappropriate content

Prevent your child from accessing web sites that are not appropriate for children, using the Web Filter function. Select which categories of web sites are allowed or should be blocked, or set up specific URLs and domains to allow or block.

View complete web browsing history

The complete MMGuardian Web Filter and Safe Browser solution includes detailed reports, accessible from the parent web portal, about all sites that have been viewed and attempts that were blocked.

Restrict Device Functions

Disable the camera, Face Time or multiplayer games.

2.Kaspersky Parental Control

Kaspersky Safe Kids helps you protect your kids in the digital world. With device usage scheduling, GPS safe zones, notifications about suspicious activities and summaries of what they search, see & share… you can stay connected with your kids and help keep them safe.

Helping you protect your kids from digital dangers

Because most children are using multiple devices – including laptops, desktops, tablets & mobile phones – to surf the Internet, download apps, communicate with friends and visit social networking websites… the task of keeping kids safe can be a challenge for any parent. New technologies have brought a whole host of new digital dangers.