How can they steal your data from an ATM

Watch out for these when you are at ATM

Do you often, going to the ATM, think about the fact that your card details in a couple of seconds will be stolen, and after a few minutes it will be written off the money?  ATMs still not so common, in spite of 23 years of official capitalism. But even we have become a kind of skimmers urban horror story. And few people think that these devices using high-tech components, too, evolve over time. And because of special interest is the recently published material, which clearly presents the stages of "modernization" skimmers, up to the latest developments of modern criminal craftsmen.

Skimming is a method of stealing certain information necessary for the implementation of the transaction from your bank account to steal money. Speaking in a simple to remove the money via ATM with your credit card account, the fraudsters need to know your PIN-code and read data from the magnetic strip. And for this purpose, a variety of device designs and operating principles -. Skimmers Skimmers are manufactured so as to be as inconspicuous as possible for ATM users. They often mimic under some element of the interface, or appearance. It is very difficult not only the detection of skimmers, but the capture of criminals themselves.