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Test your personality with Psychological test with these figures

1. Look carefully at the figures presented.
2. Choose from them the one that most you like.
3. Answer the poll and read the results.

People - the "square" is usually patient, tenacious and incredibly perseverance. To dismiss the case and started to say "Still nothing happened" - not their style. "Squares" are methodically move to the goal step by step, something vaguely resembling asphalt, and will not stop until it was achieved. Thanks to these qualities, they make excellent pros. Saying that war is war, and lunch routine, certainly came up with some of the "square": the word "improvisation" or "impromptu" they wrinkle their nose and dissatisfied frown. From their point of view, life is good, if it goes according to plan. These amateurs are trying to stick to stability once and forever established order of things. They love to build the logical constructions and schemes and hate surprises, innovations and any change at all, and those that are making adjustments to their logical constructions in particular.

The rectangle is considered to be a temporary, transitional form. Usually it is chosen by people who at the moment are extremely dissatisfied with himself and his life and wish to change this situation for the better. "They all have to be happy, I was there just no, but it does mean that I'll be there" - is the motto under which they operate. The main quality of "rectangle" - a curiosity, courage and interest in everything new. They want to change all your heart and absorb new knowledge like a sponge. People rarely stay in the "Rectangle phase" for a long time - usually after a decision that needs to be done, made, they are "mutated" into any other figure of the remaining four.

In winter and summer, regardless of the vagaries of the weather and must-hevov season, people - "Triangles" dressed in the yellow jersey. This is the real "Energizer", but unlike batteries, have ambition and pragmatism. They are prudent, ambitious, not only know what they want, but how to achieve this. At work, they are able to communicate clearly very convincing leadership in his own indispensability. "Triangles" often sin that believe in the existence of two points of view - incorrectly, and their own. They are - strong personality and dangerous competitors, sometimes it seems that with the blood in their veins flows the spirit of competition.

A circle
Man - "Circle" as no one else is able to empathize and sympathize, he could easily imagine yourself in the place of another person, "get used" to the emotions of others and to share them. Kind and helpful "Circles" can feel happy only if everything is in order, not only in themselves, but their families and friends. "Circles" prefer not to interfere with others, and "smooth" misunderstanding. Sometimes, to calm them more truth in 99% of cases out of 100 they will make concessions first.

"Zigzag" - the creative personality, creative and original. They reject the well-trodden paths, clichés and stereotypes, preferring to do everything on their own, inventing unconventional moves and decisions. Among these originals are often caught charismatic, charming people. "Zigzag" is easy enough to come out of themselves, and their mood often changes faster than the exchange rate at the time of trades on the stock exchange. "Zigzag" - excellent speakers who are willing to share the ideas that come into their heads, with everyone (indeed, unwilling, too).


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