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Here is the truth behind Chinese fake EGG

Are Chinese EGG story true?Read along..

Chinese EGG are dangerous.

These eggs look similar to normal eggs, but are not laid by hens but produced artificially using chemicals.
How artificial eggs are made in China
1.      Sodium alginate is mixed in lukewarm water
2.      Egg white is the prepared by mixing alum, benzoic acid and gelatine
3.      Then Calcium Chloride is added to this mixture and the resultant is moulded into shape of eggs. This is the egg white
4.      Inside this outer covering, the inner part is similar to that of normal egg. But that is artificial
5.      The inner part is made using sodium alginate, alum, gelatine and calcium
6.      Calcium content is such that it can be digested by humans.
How to identify fake eggs
1.      Size is smaller compared to natural eggs
2.      Yellow part is deep yellow
3.      Yellow part is not solid
4.      On breaking these eggs, the white outer covering mixes with the white inner part

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