Reliance Jio make money from your internet usage.

Deep Packet Inspection on RELIANCE JIO-IN

Deep packet inspection (DPI) provides the ability to look into the packet past the basic header information. DPI intelligently determines the contents of a particular packet, and then either records that information for statistical purposes or performs an action on the packet.
 RELIANCE JIO-IN identify how network resources are being used in order to generate revenue streams commensurate with the business model. 

We used Deep Packet Inspection in Jio to found out that,

  • AS55836 Traffic Management, or the ability to control end-user applications such as peer-to-peer applications
  •  RELIANCEJIO-IN Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited Security, resource, and admission control
  • Policy enforcement and service enhancements such as personalization of content or IN content filtering

But here are some Good news

By doing so Reliance Jio was able to,
  • Increased visibility into the network traffic. 
  • Enables network operators to understand usage patterns .
  • Correlate network performance information along with providing usage base billing or even acceptable usage monitoring.

DPI can also reduce the overall costs on the network by reducing operation expenses (OpEx) and capital expenses (CapEx) by providing a more thorough understanding of what is happening with the network, and by providing the ability to direct traffic or to prioritize traffic more intelligently.