9 most expensive things in the ownership of Donald Trump

Club "Mar a Lago" - a summer home, which cost $ 150 million.

Rolls Royce Phantom worth more than 500 000 $. I would not mind a ride on such a machine!


Smart Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren worth $ 445,000.

Obviously, this is not the only car Trump, but certainly one of the most expensive.

Trump has several helicopters. Here are the most expensive of them, which is estimated to be approximately $ 7 million

businessman collection also features 2 private aircraft. In total, these flying houses cost him 35 million dollars.

The cost of the main businessman company - Trump Organization - is nearly $ 4 billion!

The famous Trump Tower, which is located in Manhattan, is estimated at $ 371 million.

Place of residence Trump in New York, and it was his penthouse, is estimated at $ 90 million. He impresses with its luxury: cranes, cutlery, tiles and even the plumbing made of gold there. (A contagious or something?)