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BitTorrent-Powered Ad-Free YouTube Alternative

YouTube accounts for more than a billion visitors every month, but it is not a secret that it has its weaknesses, especially when it comes to monetizing controversial content. Such weaknesses can be avoided by the recently launched BitTorrent-powered alternative.
BitChute has launched, offering to hand freedom back to its users. The new service has a familiar layout for a video streaming platform: it features similar video controls, view counts, tools to vote on content, and a comment section. It is known that video content hosting platforms consume the obscene amounts of bandwidth, and therefore big hosting bills usually accompany their success. 

However, BitChute does not utilize central servers – instead, it uses WebTorrent, a system which allows people to share content directly from their browser, without any additional configuration or installation. In other words, the users of the platform become hosts of the videos they’re watching, thus bringing BitChute’s hosting costs close to zero. Besides, the platform takes an advantage of the scalability: the bigger its user base grows, the more efficiently it can serve content while retaining the simplicity of the web browser.

The problem is that YouTube uploaders of the original content are not free to upload and make money from whatever they like, because the Google-owned platform has rules in place over what kind of content can be monetized, in order to please its advertisers. Those rules keep causing concern over censorship.


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