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Run a live word count in Google Docs

Google Docs ( is handy for writing letters, reports and other types of documents. If you need to know how many words or characters you?ve written, go to the Tools menu and select ?Word count?. Better still, you can press Shift+Ctrl+C. If you select some text and press Shift+Ctrl+C, Google Docs shows the number of words in the selection. If you want a continuous update of
See how many words and characters there are in a Google Docs document
the number of words and characters in a document, go to Add-ons, ?Get add-ons?. Find an add-on called Better Word Count and click the ?+ Free?
GENERAL PC Search the Control Panel There must be over a hundred settings in the Windows Control Panel, which can make it hard to find the one you want. Thankfully, Control Panel?s search tool makes this much easier. If you want to change a mouse setting, for example, open Control Panel, click the search box in the top-right corner and type ?mouse?. If you want to change something to do with the screen, type ?screen?, or if you have a sound problem, type ?sound? or ?audio?. Windows shows links to all the settings that are relevant to your search. Colin McGuire, via email
button to install it. Then go to Addons, Better Word Count, Open Tools. A panel opens on the right with a word count that updates as you type.

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