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Snake Charmer

Rare: Snake Charmer caught two 4-foot cobra with his bare hands and removed their fangs - Fearless Indonesian snake charmer caught two 4-foot king cobra with his bare hands and removed their fangs. These beasts can kill an elephant in one bite! 22-year-old Roni Kurniawan (Roni Kurniawan) from the Indonesian province of Riau fearlessly operates two king cobra and is not afraid to keep the snakes are literally a few inches from his face.

 Fortunately, scaly lack fangs and they can not injure a human being. Snakes terrorize the local village. Local residents appealed for help to Rony, who is known in the neighborhood as a snake charmer. Fearless caster successfully caught creeping reptiles and deprived of their teeth. One of the cobras, which received the nickname of Ice (Ice), after being deprived of its poisonous teeth, managed to bite the caster, but Roni compared the attack with "sting". King cobras can reach a length of up to 5.5 meters and live in the wild and 20 years. Roni was the snake charmer as a teenager and now earns a living with catches snakes that climb into human dwellings. King Cobra today - the longest venomous snake in the world. Its venom is not the most deadly among venomous snakes, but one bite of it contains up to two-tenths of a gram of venom. This is enough to kill 20 people, or even an elephant. Venom is a neurotoxin that attacks the nerve cells. bitten prey paralysis occurs very quickly. The king cobra is able to raise up to one third of the length of his body when an impending attack or threatened her life. In addition, it can pursue its prey for some time in the upright position. When the kite is in this position, it can reach the vertical height of 1.8 meters.

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