US spy on people using aircraft with security equipment

The US Justice Department is using "feykovye" cell tower on airplanes to get free access to registration data from the phones of almost all the country's population.

As told WSJ anonymous sources familiar with the secret program the US authorities, the technique of shadowing fully operational since 2007 and identifies the location of any phone with an error of only three meters.

It is running the whole system like this: on the aircraft (the most commonly used small civilian aircraft company Cessna) installed special equipment - stuffed with electronics boxes in the shape of a cube. Square faces boxes are 0.6 meters in length, but the relatively small size does not prevent them to play the role of full-fledged cell phone towers.

Aircraft with these devices is then lifted into the air. The operation uses five (at least) the major airports, and their location, coupled with a range of aircraft flight ensures contact with the phones of almost all of the US population.

"Towers" can analyze thousands of active phones, simulating a strong signal. Since modern mobile phones are designed in such a way that automatically selects the strongest signal, then fall into the trap and select signal "tower" on the plane.

As soon as the connection box on an airplane gets access to the phone of equal access of the cellular operator: he becomes the registration data phone, including highly valuable information to the authorities about his whereabouts.

According to sources the WSJ, this technique is only used to spy on suspects and criminals, but "towers" in the process of receiving data from thousands nothing to do with this or that operation of phones that just looking to identify the signal of the desired phone.

Saved if the data in the device memory, and some established control over their use - is unknown. Departures equipped aircraft occur regularly.

The Ministry of Justice at the request WSJ information to confirm or refute. A ministry spokesman said only that the discussion of these issues can be declassified US intelligence opportunities for criminals and foreign powers, and all ministries projects do not go beyond US laws.

From the article the WSJ, however, that if this program really exists, its use violates the country's constitution.