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Hacker has been cheating employees including Google, Apple and Facebook.

The tech world heard the news that the hacker had hit 100 million dollars (around Rs 634 crore) of
Google and Facebook employees. For the last two years, the hacker has been cheating employees
including Google, Apple and Facebook. Hawking is thought to have been the man named Ewaldus
Rimasukas, 48, from Lithuania.

In addition to Google, Facebook, and computers from Taiwan, computer hardware manufacturer Quanta was also used for fraud. Planetary fraud took place without any serious loopholes. RIMASUKAS was planning to tap into the world's predecessor computer experts.

The fraud was collected from the bank by collecting email addresses, invoices, corporate stamps and
viral transfer request letters. The fraud was collected on the charge of the finance departments of these companies and those who were authorized to issue the invoice.

Google filed a fraudulent account with the name of the Quantum and submitted it to the Facebook
finance authorities. They handed over the accounts of the hardware company to Latvia and Cyprus in
the fraud accounts. Rimasukkas has collected $ 100 million during 2013- 2015. It took me a couple of
years to understand that they had lost their money because of the contract with the Quantum.

Rimaskus was arrested from Lithuania in mid-March. However, the legal struggle to bring him to trial in the US continues. The reason why Rima Lucy's lawyer is barred from carrying him to America is
because he does not get justice for his party. FBI investigating the matter is trying to bring Rimasukas to America.

Quantum is an exporter that supplies hardware products to many of the leading US tech companies.
They have their hardware ranging from Apple watch to Amazon Kindle e Reader. Quentin had said that she is in a controversy that she did not know in March last year. In the first phase, the company did not disclose whats it was, but later both Facebook and Google admitted it was open to us.


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