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Sensor data leak from your mobile phones, can steal valuable informations.

When the mobile phone goes to the ear, the screen is locked without touching the screen, changing the phone's screen to switch to silence mode, the new song comes in the course of the music when you listen to the song, the car starts playing the game with the car.

The sensors on every phone are the answer to how this is possible. Today we have an average of 25 sensors per phone, including the camera, microphone and GPS. The hackers now have a new weapon - accelerometer, magnetometer, gyroscope, ambient light sensor, digital compass and proximity sensor.

Data from each sensor is being collected. It's an analysis of various apps and websites. For instance,
some phones have apps that increase and decrease the brightness of the screen, depending on the
surrounding light. You can also save your battery. The screen brightness switched on the ambient light sensor is recognized by light levels. Most people ask for access to sensors before installing apps. The user will be allowed to assume that this is not a serious issue. Some even set the permissions as

But researchers say some of the 'deadly' scripts can be easily deported and taken away from their
sensor data. Email and others send the link to this malicious code. Clicking Code will be 'Saved' on the mobile. The main work is to collect and analyze the sensor data. By doing so, you get the phone, how long it will take to work, how long you sleep and how long you sleep. Work on eight has been collected data from the 'Touch Action' saves in sensors while typing passwords on mobile. Researchers have discovered that the user's four-digit password is calculated using the data. By tapping the password found on data, the first conclusion was 70 percent. In the fifth attempt, the password was found with 100 percent accuracy.

There is another problem with some phones browsers. Let the website with the hacker's hidden code code open. Maybe I have done a banking deal on another page without closing it. All the details of that transaction will be collected. Let's go away with these websites, even if the phone is locked up!

Sensors have brought revolutionary changes in mobile gaming and fitness tracking. Sensors such as
mobile, tablet and fitness band are also equipped with the number of devices that play a significant role.

The password will be saved from the phone that  sensors; It's sensor hacking! | Mobile phones motion sensors can reveal your ...

The survey by the University of TECH Newcastle that will no be one knows about that the erases; sensors It's on sensor their hacki... The showed password saved from many  phones. Device developers know about this deficiency, but they have not yet taken action.

Some things that a user can do to escape hacking is:

Passwords get more complex. Earlier it was found that 27% of the 20 passwords were used for 1234,
1111, 4321, and 1212. It's stupid. It's important to change passwords frequently. Especially when
changing devices.

Keep an eye on updating the operating system, whether mobile or tab.

Only install apps from trusted sources. Look at user reviews before you install it.
Delete unused apps

Close up when the apps and browsers are needed.

The study of sensor hacking has been published in the International Journal of Information Security.

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