How easily you can be hacked? Find out more.

There are many articles out their to read, which tells how to be secure in the internet.Many app both for Desktops and Mobile phone which promises security and privacy for you.But have you ever thought of keeping secure yourself with simple things such as keeping your 'Logins' safe.

We can have number of example for our carelessness. Lets see how vulnerable we are by using Google Chrome.We almost save every password with the help of Chrome Browser nowadays.Have you ever thought for right person,having access to Chrome flags can simple copy all your passwords to them.

Google Flags.

 Flags are all experimental features that may or may not end up in future stable releases. With that in mind, it is very possible that they’ll disappear altogether at some point. changing them could have unforeseen consequences for your browser’s general usability. Proceed with caution.

Enabling Password Export option for Chrome

1.Go to Chrome address bar and type - chrome://flags/.search for password import and export.

2.Click enable from the drop down menu.

3.Now you can see import and export option in setting.Go to show advance settings - Manage password.

4.Now click export to download all your passwords.Note exported password is a simple CSV file.Any one can open and read you Login name and password.So keep this safe.Now if anyone have access to your chrome,they can simply export all your passwords, without your knowledge.