Internet security:How to prevent HTML5 canvas fingerprinting on Google Chrome?

Canvas fingerprinting is one of a number of browser fingerprinting techniques of tracking online users that allow websites to uniquely identify and track visitors using HTML5 canvas element instead of browser cookies or other similar means.

What is canvas fingerprinting?

Canvas fingerprinting is a kind of tracking technology used by website operators to uniquely identify a visitors against other visitors. It does so without relying on cookies or IP address or user agents sent by the browser. Instead, this technology uses Javascript to draw some image onto a HTML5 canvas element.

How to prevent canvas fingerprinting in  Chrome?

Depending on the graphics card and video driver used in the user's system, the pixels on the canvas will be different from those drawn on another computer. Another Javascript method can be used to export the pixels on the canvas, which then can be used to generate a hash and sent back to the server.

Check your browser Here

Chrome provides a hidden switch “–disable-reading-from-canvas“ for this purpose.