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what is the future of our society?

Futurologist Georgi Georgievich Pocheptsov tell us 5 points about the future society.

• Why teach a person who for the rest of his life, for example, will sit behind video games ( robotization and automation will replace 60-70% of current employees ). The authorities will only introduce a few compulsory years of education, making all other education paid or free - only for selected talented children (future engineers). For most, the current basic 3-4 years of schooling will suffice.

• The understanding of politics will also change. There will be no politicians as such . There will be experts and expertocracy. They will vote not for politicians, but through a network ("referendum") for concrete proposals, which, in case of adoption, will immediately be embodied by the Council of Experts.

• Because of the impossibility of understanding logic, diffuse attention, low educational level, the media are already changing their role today. News, just information is losing value. Increases the value of the "interpreters" who interpret the information for the majority. Ideal medirabotnik - embodying the specialty of a psychologist, literary critic and analyst in general.

• The voice of people who do not depend on anything has never interested the authorities. Although the authorities must be prepared for the fact that tax payers will also shy away from paying them. This is due to the future disappearance of both borders and states - in connection with the free movement of people and finances. People with money will lose interest in the state and will not want to pay taxes to it. Peter Thiel, an entrepreneur who created the PayPal payment system, tried to build a floating city-island for millionaires, where they could safely live without paying taxes.


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