50-38 points. You are satisfied with yourself and are confident in yourself. You have a great need to dominate people, like to emphasize your "I", highlight your opinion .You do not care what people say about you, but you yourself tend to criticize others.The more points you have, the more suitable the definition: "You love yourself, but do not love others."But you have one drawback: take yourself too seriously, do not take any critical information.And even if you do not like the results of the test, most likely, you will "defend" the statement "everyone is lying calendars." It's a pity…

37-24 points. You live in harmony with yourself, you know yourself and you can trust yourself. You have a valuable ability to find a way out of difficult situations, both personal and in relationships with people.
The formula of your attitude to yourself and others can be expressed in words: "I am pleased with myself, I am pleased with the others".You have a normal healthy self-esteem, you know how to be a support and a source of strength for yourself and, most importantly, not at the expense of others.

23-10 points
. Obviously, you are unhappy with yourself, you are tormented by doubts and dissatisfaction with your intellect, abilities, achievements, your appearance, age, sex ...Stop it! Who said that to love yourself badly? Who told you that a thinking person should be constantly unhappy with himself? Of course, no one demands of you complacency, but you must accept yourself, respect yourself, support this flame in yourself. published by techyo.ga.

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