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24 thoughts to get rid of in order to become happy |സന്തോഷം നേടാൻ ഈ 24 ചിന്തകൾ ഒഴിവാക്കണം

    1. Trying to be someone that you are not.

    If you are forced to imitate someone, you can never become one. Strive to become better, based on who you are and what you have to offer to the world. 

    2. Tell yourself it's too late.

    Life is actions and opportunities , not regrets. It is never too late to change things for the better.

    3. Strives to be right all the time.

    You are a person , and people make mistakes and cannot know everything. This is normal - to err and not to know, and all the more normal - to declare it directly.

    4. Talking bad about yourself.

    Sometimes you become your worst enemy. If you do not allow anyone to talk like this about your spouse or best friend, do not say it about yourself - even in your own mind. 

    5. Passivity without progress.

    If you decide to be a bystander in your own life, how can you expect something important to happen? Passivity does not bring happiness and satisfaction. 

    6. You are feeling guilty.

    No amount of guilt can change the past or the future. Do everything you can to correct the mistakes you have made, but do not let a load of guilt crush you. 

    7. Negativeness without positive.

    If you keep thinking that the glass is half empty, you will always be disappointed and want more. Develop positive thinking and the impossible will become possible. 

    8. Conditional approval.

    Get rid of the people who make you feel that you have to become someone else to accept or appreciate you. 

    9. Envy begets envy.

    Do not be jealous of what other people have or do. Remember, happiness is not about having everything you want, but wanting to have what you have.


    10. Explode under pressure.

    It is difficult to maintain a presence of mind when your life is like a pressure cooker, ready to explode. Learn to stay calm while under pressure - and you can do more. 
    24 thoughts to get rid of in order to become happy 

    11. The need for control.

    Sometimes you have to give up control to allow what should happen. Attempting to control things that are beyond your control is a waste of time and the main source of unhappiness. 

    12. Blame others.

    You yourself are responsible for your own life and your happiness. Blaming others is not productive and does not benefit. Whatever happens in your past, life goes on - and that means moving on and finding your happiness. 

    13. Regrets last forever.

    Make it a rule to get rid of regrets and never look back. Regrets are a waste of energy that prevents you from moving forward and leaves nothing on which you can build your happiness. 

    14. Letting fear rule you.

    Fear can never give you what you want or what will make you happy. Instead, it distorts your outlook on life and hinders your success. Nothing will prevent your success more. 

    15. The need for approval.

    The only permission, the only assessment, the only approval, and the only opinion that should matter to you is your own. The search for approval, like the search for happiness, must begin within you. 

    16. Expression of anger.

    When anger grows, don't let it control you, realizing how much it will cost you. Anger does little good, but takes the energy needed for positive growth. 

    17. Mediocrity as a state of mind.

    If you are serious about success, do not allow mediocrity to enter your life - neither mediocre ideas, nor ordinary business, nor worthless friends. The difference between skill and mediocrity is always greater than the effort spent on it. 

    18. Excuses.

    If you want something to happen, make it happen. If this is important to you, you will look for a way. If you are ready to be content with excuses, admit that this is not the top line on your list of priorities. 

    19. The dependence of happiness on others.

    Until you can find happiness within yourself, you will not find it in anyone else. 

    20. The habit of postponing everything.

    If you are used to waiting to do something, it will never happen. Procrastination is one of the worst habits. 

    21. Old luggage is hard to carry.

    We were all wrong, we were hurt - and we all carry this baggage. But trying to keep everything on your shoulders is too hard. The less you carry, the farther you can go. 

    22. Self-doubt prevents you from playing big.

    It steals your happiness and prevents you from becoming who you should be. 

    23. Superficial judgments.

    Things that we harshly condemn in others are that with which we don’t want to come face to face with ourselves. 

    24. Game in comparison.

    Drop the comparison, the only way to become happy is to focus on yourself. 

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