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Why you need to leave Facebook

Facebook is perhaps the most compromise online platform you can imagine. On the one hand, its users are well aware that you should not even think about any protection when using it. And, on the other hand, they continue to use it not only for workers, but also for personal purposes, supplying Mark Zuckerberg and his partners with confidential information about themselves. Another thing is that not everyone is ready to compromise with themselves.

“There are many different people in the world and some believe that the benefits that Facebook gives them are worth the privacy they lose by using a social network. But here is my advice to such people - you need to abandon Facebook as soon as possible, ”the inventor emphasized.

Why you should abandon Facebook

According to Wozniak, he is very concerned about the invasion of technology companies in the privacy of their customers. But the worst thing is that users themselves do not care about their privacy at all. They share information that cannot be shared with companies and give them access to their messages, although this should never be done.

To balance forces, corporations should start paying users for their data, according to Apple co-founder. The fact is that data is a product, and the product is so valuable that many people are only involved in collecting user data and selling it to advertisers. At least it will be fair to share the proceeds with the owners of the sold data, given the profit that the sale of confidential information brings.

"The public has not yet come to understand that people - administrators or developers - who must be responsible for storing user data, are either at an unjustified risk, either lazy, or just tricky [with data]," said Chris Vickery, director of risk research on UpGuard's network.

Also, after some analysis, it became known that the database found on the network has a lot of information that is duplicated. Thus, the true number of leaked data is about 2 times less. About 200-210 million records. But that is still too much. And if the data on the gender and age are not particularly dangerous, then the phone numbers are very serious. Even if you believe the representatives of Facebook and take into account the fact that the database is really “not fresh”, people, as a rule, do not change phone numbers very often. And this can "incite" telephone spam to users' smartphones. But this is far from the worst. Knowing the phone number, you can access various services (and not only on Facebook) such as email or even bank accounts


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