Over 80,300 Cases Of Corona Virus Around The World.Surgical mask is completely useless

 N95 filtration mask is the #1 most effective mask for keeping contaminants out and significantly reducing the chances of catching the virus

The spread of the virus has surged and till today, is being discovered discovered in more and more countries such as the UK and Italy. There is a shortage of face masks worldwide especially in China, the USA, Ireland, Taiwan making the spread of the virus even faster

The virus is extremely contagious. Infected people have been found outside China in the United States, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, Japan, and 16 other countries.

New study finds that the Coronavirus was transmitted to humans who ate infected bats in Wuhan, China.
There are multiple ways to prevent Coronavirus

Wear a face mask  if you can still find some with a filter of at least N95, a surgical mask is completely useless because of the air coming from the side.