Learn what services your phone talks to without you realizing.

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NextDNS protects you from all kinds of security threats, blocks ads and trackers on websites and in apps and provides a safe and supervised Internet for kids — on all devices and on all networks.

NextDNS provide Security,Privacy,Parental control,Analytic and Logs.NextDNS supports unlimited configuration custom deny/Allow list,customizable Block Page,Rewrites,DNSSEC and Handshake( experimental peer-to-peer root naming system)

Protect yourself against malware and phishing attacks, cryptojacking and more.

A threat model and fine-tune your security strategy by enabling 10+ different types of protections.

Threat Intelligence Feeds, Google Safe Browsing,Cryptojacking,DNS Rebinding,IDN Homographs,Typosquatting,Domain Generation Algorithms (DGAs),Newly Registered Domains (NRDs),Parked Domains,Top-Level Domains (TLDs),Child Sexual Abuse Material

Block ads and trackers on websites and in apps — including the most devious ones.

With Native Tracking Protection, block wide spectrum trackers that record your activity on a device at the operating system level.

Protect your kids and control what they can access online, and when.

Block all websites containing porn, violence, piracy and more.
Enforce SafeSearch — filter explicit results on all search engines, including images and videos.
Enforce YouTube Restricted Mode — filter mature videos on YouTube and other websites.
Block specific websites, apps and games — Facebook, Tinder, Fortnite and many more.
With Recreation Time, only allow access to some websites, apps or games during specific times each day.

See what's happening on your devices with in-depth analytics and real-time logs.

Threat analytic

Measure the efficiency of your security, privacy and parental control strategies.
Decide how long your logs are kept — from one hour up to two years — or disable logging completely for a no-logs experience.

Meet your data residency requirements by choosing where your logs are stored — United States, European Union, United Kingdom or Switzerland.

With Tracker Insights, see who is tracking you, how much of your web traffic they are tracking, and more.