Enable Ubuntu Live patch

mi73n@Techglyphs:~$ sudo pro attach C1kfRZQhvE7iZA13QqUixWfVBrTnW
[sudo] password for mi73n: 
Enabling default service esm-apps
Updating Ubuntu Pro: ESM Apps package lists
Ubuntu Pro: ESM Apps enabled
Enabling default service esm-infra
Updating Ubuntu Pro: ESM Infra package lists
Ubuntu Pro: ESM Infra enabled
Enabling default service livepatch
Installing canonical-livepatch snap
Canonical Livepatch enabled
This machine is now attached to 'Ubuntu Pro - free personal subscription'

anbox-cloud      yes       disabled     Scalable Android in the cloud
esm-apps         yes       enabled      Expanded Security Maintenance for Applications
esm-infra        yes       enabled      Expanded Security Maintenance for Infrastructure
fips-preview     yes       disabled     Preview of FIPS crypto packages undergoing certification with NIST
fips-updates     yes       disabled     FIPS compliant crypto packages with stable security updates
livepatch        yes       enabled      Canonical Livepatch service
realtime-kernel* yes       disabled     Ubuntu kernel with PREEMPT_RT patches integrated
usg              yes       disabled     Security compliance and audit tools

 * Service has variants

Operation in progress: pro attach

For a list of all Ubuntu Pro services and variants, run 'pro status --all'
Enable services with: pro enable <service>

     Account: [email protected]
Subscription: Ubuntu Pro - free personal subscription